Arm Education Media Launch Real-Time Operating Systems Online Course

Today, Arm Education Media launches its sixth Arm-technology-based online course, on real-time operating systems (RTOS) design and programming.

Until recently, the design and implementation of operating systems was viewed as a traditional and stable computer science topic. However, this area is now growing rapidly, with the deployment of real-time operating systems (RTOS) in applications, such as robotics, automotive and networking. Developers need to understand not only how an RTOS controls individual devices, but also how to achieve better responsiveness and determinism to meet real-time and safety requirements.

To learn how to design and implement an RTOS using professional tools and industry-standard Arm-based hardware, Arm Education Media is pleased to announce the publication today of its sixth online course: the Real-Time Operating Systems Design and Programming Online Course.

This online course follows on from the Arm University Program’s Real-Time Operating Systems Design and Programming Education Kit. Available to qualified university educators worldwide, the Education Kit’s teaching materials are carefully designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to design and program an RTOS on Arm-based platforms, and complement the online course.

As part of Arm Education Media’s wider embedded systems curriculum, this course is useful for individuals, educators, or corporate training departments looking for a foundational reference and self-study tool in this increasingly important subject area. 

Presented over twelve modules, as per the syllabus below, and including lecture materials, interactive quizzes, lab manuals with videos, code and solutions, the Real-Time Operating Systems Design and Programming Online Course covers the most important aspects of operating systems, with emphasis placed on embedded systems and RTOS.  The course guides the learner towards an understanding of both the concepts and implementation of operating systems’ components.  

Starting off with the basic principles of RTOS, the course explores important topics such as tasks and task scheduling, memory management and file systems. It demonstrates these concepts using Arm’s RTX RTOS.  The hands-on labs are based on the industry-standard Keil MDK-Arm software tool and the Nucleo FR401RE microcontroller board from ST Microelectronics. 

Upon completion of the course, users will be able to design and program a professional RTOS using professional software tools, and to develop safety-critical applications with real-time performance, equipping them with invaluable hands-on experience in a very important topic.