tcpNet problem with ADC


I am developing a system wich consists in a vary of functionalities, and I have to implement an HTTP server.

I call tick_timer() in the SysTick handler at 100ms, and in my while(1) I have the main_TcpNet() call.

Ok then I have the Timer 0 interrupting at a given frequ(10Hz) in which I start the bust mode of the ADC and then in the ADC handler I stop it, so I can control the sampling freq.

The problem is that if I have the ADC working, the HTTP server does not responds to my web browser, but if I comment the start line of the ADC in the Timer 0( so the ADC does not work) the server works perfect.

I am developing it on an LPC1768 board, the pins used for the ADC are P0.24 and P0.25, so it is not a pin problem, the interrupts work at the given freq each...

This is the board

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