Compilation fault using Keil uVision

Hello all!

I'm writing to a chip with a cortex m-4  in it and the compiler creates a weird assembly:

I'm trying to develop an I2C driver so i have a made some unions to allow easy access to registers, it all worked fine until today - today things got quite phishy!

take a look:

compiler option:

here is the code for the union of "reg":

typedef union
    uint32_t value; 
        unsigned dummy1 :1
        unsigned dummy2 :1
        unsigned dummy32 :1


//module typedef
typedef struct _MODULE_S
} I2CInitDef;

As you can see the compiler creates the assembly with a "!"(write back to the register) - so after I write 0x00 to "reg->IC_INTR_MASK.value" the pointer of "reg" is no longer point to the right address!

I can tell I'm using this method to write hardware registers all over my code and it always works fine! what do you thing might be the problem here?

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