No Stellaris ICDI in Debugs Tab

I have a TIVA launchpad TM4C123GHPM. I was able to Debug the board/code with IAR and CCS. With uVision, when i go to Debug tab,  I do not see the Stellaris ICDI option from the dropdown to select the ICDI. I am using uVision 5. I do see CMSIS-DAP Debugger option but no Stellaris ICDI. Am i missing anything during the uVision installation? Please advise.

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    So I looked at the release note and found that in 5.29 folks have removed Stellaris ICDI support altogether. Now, what do I do in order to debug my code on TIVA C Series launch pad board using uVision. I did try installing legacy support for 5.25. But that obviously still will not allow usage of Stellaris ICDI in uVision529. Is there a way of using older uVision4, or can I get installation of uVision525. I do not see any way of downloading older limited size eval version. Can anyone advise? 

  • in 5.29 folks have removed Stellaris ICDI support altogether

    Hardly surprising!

    Stellaris was the brand name of Luminary Micro - who ceased to exist over a decade ago!

    As already noted, check with TI for current debug options.

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