Keil problem with libraries (software packages)


I'm very new in Keil software and I'm trying to setup my development enverionment. 

My MCU is a STM32F746VET and I have generated the porject with the help of STM32CUBEMX. I have imported the generated files to the last version of Keil uVision5. I need to use the Keil RTX operating system, then using the software package I have installed the libraries and using the Manage Run-Time Environment I have attached to my project the following modules:


- CMSIS -> RTOS -> Keil RTX

- Device -> Startup

For the compilation, I'm using the GCC Compiler (GNU) for ARM projects with the Prefix "arm-none-eabi-".

The compilation is done correctly, but the program doesn't work (the program consists in a simple task that enables/disables a LED). 

I think that the problem is involved in the operating system functions that all UNDERLINED, as we can see in the following image: 

How can I fix this problem? Why all the functions are underline? I don't know about Keil and I don't understand why it is happening. 

Thank you in advance. 

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