Clang static analyzer produces linker error L6007U

I'm using Keil uVision v5.29 and ARM compiler v6.13.1 (ArmClang).  I was looking for a static code analyzer and found that Clang includes a static analyzer that is run with the --analyze option (see  I added the --analyze option to my project's compiler command line (Options for Target -> C/C++ (AC6) -> Misc Controls) and it seems to work, at least partially.  When I rebuild I get several new and appropriate compiler warnings that were not detected before.  However, now the linking fails with "project.axf: error: L6007U: Could not recognize the format of file .\objects\project\sourcefile.o."

Does the Clang static analyzer work with Keil uVision, ArmClang, and ArmLink?

Is adding --analyze to the [Options for Target -> C/C++ (AC6) -> Misc Controls] field the proper way to invoke the static analyzer?

Why do I get linker error L6007U with the --analyze compiler option and is there a way to avoid this error while using the Clang static analyzer?

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