Altera Evaluation Edition License and ARM Compiler 6


I am trying to use the ARM Compiler/Assembler 6 to assemble the alt_interrupt_aarch64.S that is part of the HWLIB for Intel/Altera SOCs. I used the Altera Evaluation License serial number and loaded it into the ARM license manager.

But when I try to use the ARM Assembler 6 I get an error that it cannot check out the license. Why is this happening?

10:20:43 **** Build of configuration Debug for project altera_hwlib ****
make all 
'Building file: ../alt_interrupt_aarch64.S'
'Invoking: Arm Assembler 6'
armclang --target=aarch64-arm-none-eabi -mcpu=cortex-a53 -g -c -o "alt_interrupt_aarch64.o" "../alt_interrupt_aarch64.S"
armclang.exe: error: Failed to check out a license.
armclang.exe: note: 
Information about this error is available at:
 General licensing information is available at:
 If you need further help, provide this complete error report to your supplier or
 - ARMLMD_LICENSE_FILE: 'C:\Users\     \AppData\Roaming\ARM\DS-5\licenses'
 - ARM_TOOL_VARIANT: 'eval_alt'
 - ARM_PRODUCT_PATH: 'C:\intelFPGA_pro\19.1\embedded\ds-5\sw\mappings'
 - Product location: C:\intelFPGA_pro\19.1\embedded\ds-5\sw\mappings
 - Toolchain location: C:\intelFPGA_pro\19.1\embedded\ds-5\sw\ARMCompiler6.10.1\lib\tt_default\bin
 - Selected tool variant: eval_alt
armclang.exe: note: 
 - Checkout feature: eval_alt_armcompiler
 - Feature version: 5.0201806
 - Flex error code: -103
Product: DS-5 Intel SoC FPGA Edition 5.29.2 (Evaluation)
Component: ARM Compiler 6.10.1
Tool: armclang [5d143200]

make: *** [ alt_interrupt_aarch64.o] Error 1

10:20:43 Build Finished (took 157ms)

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