Can I set NIC (registers) with secure privilege?

Hi experts,

I'm using a Juno r1 board which is deployed with a Yukon Ultra-2 Ethernet Controller. Now I'm working on a project which is trying to protect some registers of this NIC based on the TrustZone technology so the best solution for me is configuring these registers as secure-world access-only. My thought is setting the physical address of these registers as secure world address while I'm not sure if it's possible or not.

If this is not feasible, then I want to know can I configure the entire NIC with S/NS attributes dynamically during the runtime? For example, when the normal world switch to the secure world, EL3 configure the NIC as secure-world device and recover it as the NS device after the secure world execution.

Any suggestion or related document is appreciated! Thank you in advance.


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