How to develop CMSIS-DSP code in Visual Studio 2015?


I'm a new developer and I'm looking to implement some linear algebra operations on a STM32F407VG.

As a first step I was hoping to develop the linear algebra code in visual studio 2015. Is there a way of including the CMSIS-DSP library within visual studio so I can step through and implement the matrix operations in isolation without having to compile the code on the embedded platform.

I've seen the ARM fast models application on the ARM website - would this allow me to do this? 

  • Hi Mark,

    I've not used VS for this purpose, but I would still recommend using Keil MDK - it will allow you to easily create a project for this target, with all necessary start up code etc readily available, as well as full integration of the CMSIS-DSP (and other) libraries, thus allowing you to run and test your algorithms on your real hardware.

  • As a first step I was hoping to develop the linear algebra code in visual studio 2015

    Do you intend to use VS as a cross-development tool to develop the ARM executable code, or are you doing that purely as an exercise in 'C' programming?

    compile the code on (sic) the embedded platform

    You wouldn't compile the code on the embedded platform - you would compile it on a host (eg, a PC), and load the executable onto the target.

    the CMSIS-DSP library is (mostly?) 'C' source code - so should be compilable on any 'C' compiler. If there are any assembler or ARM-specific bits in it, you'd have to work around that.

    As  synot says, why not just use the Keil MDK - or one of the other "mainstream" ARM cross-development toolchains ?

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