Juno r0 does not boot with linaro android after u-boot


I am using Juno r0, and want to run android on that. 

So, I tried to work with 1) prebuilt linaro repo, 2) build from source for linaro 16.12.

However, it does not working after u-boot.

In fact, it seems like it stops in the middle of u-boot.

When I stop the boot process in the u-boot, the entire board stops in a few second. 

When it stops, u-boot terminal console does not work, and I cannot give any input to boot command to u-boot.

It seems like I am working with wrong version.


Please let me know whether the latest linaro version does not work with Juno r0.

In addition, if it is the case, please let me know which is the correct version I can work with.



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