Unity apk crashes on start with Vulkan interceptor


I have a trouble with profiling my Unity project. (latest Unity 2019.2.12)

I'm failed to use Graphics Analyzer from latest Arm Mobile Studio to profile Vulkan-based Unity application. I have just create empty test scene, add Vulkan interceptor (as specified at https://developer.arm.com/docs/101545/0504/target-installation/android/unrooted-android/installation/installing-for-an-opengl-es-unity-application), build apk, install it on Samsung Galaxy S9 phone, run it and faced a crash. Its not shown in the traceable list in GA Daemon Application also.

At the same time GLES interception method worked as expected. Empty scene with GLES rendering API and libMGD.so interceptor lib have worked without crashes, listed in GA Daemon Application and sends data to host application (I have set Android API level to 25).

Maybe Vulkan interception lib embedding instruction lacks some important steps? Are there succesfull attempts to profile Unity Vulkan-based projects? What the steps I should take to provide more info to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance, Alex.

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