Question related to Modifiable bit in AXI4

When I read the section A4.3.1 "AxCACHE[1], Modifiable" in AXI protocol,
for non-modifiable transaction, there is a table shows what parameters should be fixed as non-modifiable as following

  • AxADDR(also AxREGION)
  • AxSIZE
  • AxLEN
  • AxLOCK
  • AxPROT

However, there are some exceptions as following,
For example, a bus width narrower then the transfer size => AxSIZE should be modified
For the other example, in AXI4, a INCR burst with more than 16 beats can be converted to multiple smaller bursts, 
even if the transaction attributes indicate that the transaction is Non-modifiable=> AxADDR and AxLEN can be modified

Except for AxADDR, AxLEN, and AxSIZE, are those other signals listed in the table can be modified under some circumstance?
I think AxLOCK and AxPROT should never be modified, but what about AxREGION and AxBURST?
is there any chance they can be modified even if the transaction is non-modifiable?

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