UART Icommunication in stm32f3 discovery and pc (serial terminal) not working

Hi ,

My Requirement is communication between micro controller and Serial terminal(putty) using UART Communication.

I have taken example project of UART( two board communication using DMA)...i have defined #define TRANMIT_BOARD 1. 

but I am not able to communicate my serial terminal(putty not able ).


1. hal_urt_tranmit_dma its returning HAL_oK

2. PUTTY terminal not receiving any data.

in Example project any modification required?

Thank you in advance.

  • More detail would help:

    • What board are you using?
    • What example, exactly, are you talking about?
    • How are you connecting the microcontroller to the PC?
    • Are you sure that you have PuTTY correctly configured - particularly with regard to baud rate & flow control?
    • Have you used an oscilloscope (or similar) to see what (if anything) is actually happening on the wires?
    using DMA

    I would strongly suggest that you start with an example without DMA !

    As always: start simple !

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