Random Hardfaults on a cortex-M7 microcontroller


I am facing random HardFaults on a cortex-M7 based microcontroller (STM32F722). They happen at various places in code, sometimes even during stack's initialization.

Stack's analysis do not show any risk of overflow : most of the time, the problem happens while executing main() loop, and stack's width is never more than 2 levels.

Looking at Fault status Registers shows:

_ bit FORCED of HFSR is set to 1

_ CFSR = 0x1000000 = bit UNALIGNED of UFSR set to 1: unaligned memory access. 

bit UNALIGNED_TRAP is set to 0

Looking around PC and LR, I only see "unoffensive" instructions (typically, ldr, str, or ldr.b and str.b), and the code registered in stack is part of my main's infinite loop, which most of the time executes without any trouble. So I do not understand how it could sometimes trigger a memory alignment fault...!

I read https://community.arm.com/developer/ip-products/processors/f/cortex-m-forum/43707/unable-to-determine-offending-instruction-usage-fault-illegal-unaligned-load-or-store-cortex-m7-keil-mdk-pro, and the associated links, but did not find what could trigger this fault on my board.

The only track that seemed interesting was https://www.keil.com/support/docs/3777.htm, but I am not using an external SDRAM...

I am using ST's HAL for startup code and basic (while(1)) fault handlers (so I do not understand why my UsageFault escalated to HardFault, as UsageFault handler is pressent in my code). I did not find any missing fault handler in ST's HAL.

I am using gcc and gdb with Atollic TrueStudio as IDE.

Can you please help me to solve this issue?


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