Unable to determine offending instruction: usage fault illegal unaligned load or store cortex m7 keil mdk pro


Once in a blue moon (every ~500 hours of run time, non-deterministic) I am getting a Usage Fault/ Illegal unaligned load or store. Please, help me to trace the fault to actual offending instruction and extract additional info.

What have I done so far:

Per ARM AN209 (www.keil.com/.../apnt209.pdf) I have installed a hard fault handler.

extern C void HardFault_Handler(void) 
__asm volatile 
tst lr, #4 \n 
ite eq \n 
mrseq r0, msp \n 
mrsne r0, psp \n 
ldr r1, [r0, #24] \n 
ldr r2, handler2_address_const \n 
bx r2 \n 
handler2_address_const: .word prvGetRegistersFromStack...Code

Values of the registers extracted from the exception stack frame are:

LR is 0x0803B131
PC is 0x0803A758
PSR is 0x01000000
// Extracted after printf executed
HFSR is 0x40000000 indicating Forced (I do not have a separate handler for UsageFaults)
CFSR is 0x01000000 indicating UsageFault, UNALIGNED access
xSPR is 0100 0003
MMFAR is 0
BFAR is 0

pc (0x0803A758) points to a dead loop of osRtxIdleThread.

This could not be the offending instruction, could it? What am I missing?

I have checked the RM0385 Reference manual, I see that the exception stack has been parsed properly.


00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000   00000000 0803B131 0803A758 01000000

My system is:

Cortex M7 (STM32F746NG..)


Once the unit is stalled, I have connected to it using SEGGER J-Link/J-Trace for Cortex M (using Ozone), stopped the program, and examined the memory contents.

Unaligned access fault trap (UNALIGN_TRP) is disabled ( per reference it means that only multi-word instructions can generate this fault)

I read:


www.keil.com/.../3777.htm (but no external SDRAM is used)

RM0385 Reference manual

also I read:






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