Poster Presentations at the Arm Research Summit 2020

This talk was presented at the virtual Arm Research Summit, September 9-11, 2020. This year's event explored global technology challenges across sustainability, security, and society, and attracted delegates from around the world for three days of innovative content.

We saw many incredibly insightful posters presented at this year's Summit. Below is a list of all our presenters, their topics, and the page number in the PDF:

Page Number Poster Title Presenter
1 Thermal and Energy Efficiency of Heterogeneous Mobile SoCs: Current and Upcoming Trends/Challenges | Video Amit Kumar Singh
A Systematic Methodology for Characterizing Scalability of DNN Accelerators | Video
Ananda Samajdar
3 Hardware and Compiler Support for Programmable Non-Volatile Memory | Video Apostolos Kokolis
4 TornadoVM: Transparent Hardware Acceleration of Managed Languages in the Arm Ecosystem | Video Athanasios Stratikopoulos
5 Understanding Datacenter Call Graphs with Graph Theory and Semantic Learning | Video Benjamin Lee
6 Exploiting Arm’s Assembly Burst Data Transfer in Brain Machine Interface Applications | Video Gregory Kalogiannis
7 Revisiting RowHammer: An Experimental Analysis of Modern DRAM Devices and Mitigation Techniques | Video Jeremie Kim
8 FlexPool: A Distributed Model-Free Deep Reinforcement Learning Algorithm for Shared Passengers and Goods Delivery | Video  Kaushik Manchella
9 Testing Concurrency in Compilers with Téléchat | Video Luke Geeson
10 Mitigating Harmful Prefetches with Reinforcement Learning | Video Majid Jalili
11 A Lightweight Reliability Enhancement Scheme for MLC STT-RAM based CNN Accelerators | Video Masoomeh Jasemi
The Virtual Block Interface: A Flexible Alternative to the Conventional Virtual Memory Framework | Video
Nastaran Hajinazar
Enforcing Temporal Safety on CHERI and Morello | Video
Nathaniel Filardo
Printed Thin Film Energy for Flexible IoT | Video
Pritesh Hiralal
CroPillar | Video
Jayanti Saikiran, Itharaju Naveen, Ranirudh Reddy
A Vector-Length Agnostic Compiler for the Memory Limited Connex-S Accelerator | Video
Alex Susu
Tsetlin Machine: A Learning Automata based AI Hardware for IoT | Video
Adrian Wheeldon
Alpha-bending: A Low-precision Quantization of Neural Network without Using Straight-Through Estimator (STE) | Video
Zhi- Gang Liu
Holistic HW/SW Solutions for Concurrent Collaboration Between the CPU and In-Memory Processors | Video
Benjamin Cho

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