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What was in the Morello 1.5 Release?

What was in the December 2022 Morello 1.5 Release?

  • The Morello 1.5 Release includes:

    •  Migrated build environment to Ubuntu Linux 20.04 LTS

    • Android/Morello
      • Partial Pure-cap kernel/user ABI support
      • Switch to new Pure-cap variadic PCS
      • Refine dynamic linkage support

    • Linux kernel
      • Switched to mainline-based branch (5.18 as of this release)
      • Experimental support for the pure-capability kernel-user ABI (PCuABI);

    • Toolchain
      • ABI updates
      • Newlib/libgloss now supports processing RELATIVE relocations for initializing capabilities, in addition to the already supported caprelocs style relocations.
      • Code generation improvements for purecap

    • Linux Purecap Environment
      • A Debian 11 based environment to demonstrate the Pure-cap applications executing on a mainline-based fork of Linux kernel (5.18) with experimental support for the pure-capability kernel-user ABI (PCuABI).
      • Morello support-enabled BusyBox file-system with sample pure-cap applications packaged to the Debian root file-system.
      • Musl, used to compile the purecap applications, is built with libshim disabled.
      • Prebuilt LLVM toolchain, and Musl binaries packaged with the environment.
      • Support to use Morello Board as a development platform for the Linux

    • Platform Features
      • EFI GOP support
      • SCP->PCC communication path changed to I2C
      • SBBR Compliant Aarch64 Binaries included
      • Unified ROM binaries for SoC & FVP and hosted at ROM Binaries
      • CheriBSD shutdown/reboot EL3 exception issue fixed in TF-A
      • MCC Refresh to introduce new commands to fetch firmware version
      • DDR Dual Rank (64Gb) support
      • Fixed UEFI variable flash storage corruption
      • AP cores now boot at 2.5GHz


    For full details and known limitations see Release Note.