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CheriBSD Morello FVP Pure-Capability - How to cross-compile from source?

Hi there,

I am trying to cross-compile curl from source to CheriBSD Morello FVP Pure-Capability. I have made a note of all the library and package dependencies listed here: and downloaded the original source files for each using the download links provided.

Normally, when compiling for the host system I'm on, I would just use the ./configure scripts provided with each source download, then run make to compile, and make install to install the software. How would I go about cross-compiling curl for CheriBSD Pure-Capability with the Morello FVP? I heard it is possible to make a new target for cheribuild, but looking at the wiki and the guide there on how to do so, I have no idea where to start or what is required. Or maybe it is still possible to use the ./configure scripts, but cross-compile with them?

Thanks in advance!