Keil µVision (MDK) - error list shows errors but compiler completes without errors


I've got an old project, in which the header include structure was defined to only include header files in the *.C files.

The project team wants to keep the structure like it is, as well for new developments / adaptations.

The problem I observe in MDK is, that the 'Error List' view  shows several errors in such header files, mostly because of unknown types. 

Those types are defined in different headers, which resolve in the *.c files well because they are included in the correct dependent order.

The errors are as well marked with red crosses on the lines, they are recognized.

As the compiler can compile the projects and files without errors, so this is just a problem of MDK (autocompletion/intellisense/ ...?).

I did not find the place to deactivate this error recognition until now.

Is it possible to adapt this feature so it only recognizes the errors of the compiler outputs or at least deactivate this feature?