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STM32 L5 DFP 1.4.0 Error

When creating a simple L562 uVision app, uVision produces an error message about not being able to copy system_stm32l5xx_ns.c file to the app.

The ST HAL library V1.4.0 includes Template files system_stm32l5xx.c, system_stm32l5xx_ns.c and system_stm32l5xx_s.c, I believe the _ns.c and _s.c versions are for a Trust Zone application and not needed for a non-trust application. DFP 1.4.0 contains only a system_stm32l5xx.c file.

Defaulting to copying system_stm32l5xx.c should be the first fix. Determining if the app is a Trust Zone application probably requires a Managing Run Time Environment change.

Of course, if I got something wrong, please politely explain the error of my ways.

Edit: Copying a  system_stm32l5xx_ns.c file from ST's HAL L5 library to the app is not a good workaround. This will cause the startup to hang before reaching main. A workaround that seems to work is to delete the system_stm32l5xx_ns.c file from the app, replace it with a system_stm32l5xx.c file and rename it to system_stm32l5xx_ns.c. But, of course, that is a hell of a way to run a railroad.