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How to automatically initialize the NVIC interrupt jumptable with Keil uVision

Hi, I am using Keil uVision V5.37.0.0. free version with uC STM32G041C8T6 and ULINK-ME programmer/debugger. Flash memory starts at 0x08000_00000. I'm developing my own application setup without using CubeMX/CMSIS/HAL except only a few basic header files and the startup file. If I declare an interupt handler like TIM2_IRQHandler() then when entering a breakpoint at the start of the main() function and view the Memory1 window showing from address 0x0800_0040 (NVIC interrupts) then all listed 4-byte pointers point to the same addres. Also does address 0x8000_007C which shoud hold a pointer to the TIM2_IRQHandler() interrupt handler.
However if i use the older Keil uVision V5.25.3.0 with the STM32F103ZE uC then when stopping at main() the NVIC interrupts jump table is filled with different pointers.
How can I make the NVIC interrupt table to be automatically filled? I tried the .ini file and the scatter file but something tells me it should be handled in the startup file?