Fully Qualified Symbols with Position Independent Code

Hello All,

I have position independent code loaded at two different addresses:

// load main application
load .\obj\app_main.axf

// load position independent application with offset 0x9000 to 0x10009000
load .\obj\app_position_independent.axf incremental 0x9000

// load the same position independent application again with offset 0xA000 to 0x1000A000
load .\obj\app_position_independent.axf incremental 0xA000

What is the correct format for a full qualified symbol name. I can create a breakpoint using:

BS \\app_position_independent\src/src_position_independent_code/app_position_independent_main.c\70, 1
But this format does not specify at which offset, therefore it's not fully qualified.
I also cannot set breakpoints from the source code view, as again there does not appear to be a way to full qualify the address.
Currently the only way that I can find to set breakpoints at the correct address is to use the Symbols view to Show code for, switch to the Disassembly view scroll down to the correct line and set a breakpoint at the absolute address.
How is Position Independent Code debugging supposed to work?