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Missing dependencies on gcc-11.2.0-Generic-AArch64-*

When installing the arm compiler on RHEL 8 or LEAP 15 the package gcc-11.2.0-Generic-AArch64-gcc-11.2.0-Generic-AArch64-* only lists following provides:

# rpm -q gcc-11.2.0-Generic-AArch64-RHEL-8-aarch64-linux-11.2.0-223.aarch64 --provides
gcc-11.2.0-Generic-AArch64-RHEL-8-aarch64-linux = 11.2.0-223
gcc-11.2.0-Generic-AArch64-RHEL-8-aarch64-linux(aarch-64) = 11.2.0-223

Looking just at a single file in that RPM gives me much more symbols:

# /usr/lib/rpm/elfdeps /opt/arm/gcc-11.2.0_Generic-AArch64_RHEL-8_aarch64-linux/lib64/

Building an RPM aginst this compiler will give me a dependency on some of these symbols but because the gcc-11.2.0-Generic-AArch64-* does not list these dependecies, the installation fails.

Can the list of provides of gcc-11.2.0-Generic-AArch64-* please be corrected.

As mentioned the same error happens on RHEL 8 and LEAP 15.3