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compute shader(mali gpu) bug

As shown in the figure above, the same ComputeShader (the purpose of this CS is to calculate a globally unique and sequentially increasing index based on gl_GlobalInvocationID.xy, namely v2.x) runs right on Redmi RMX2072 (Adreno) but wrong on Huawei LIO-AN00 (arm mali-g76). After some tests, we have not found that Mali (ARM mali) device is running normally.

CompressedASTC_CS_Error and CompressedASTC_CS_Right are the results of running the ComputeShader, which can also be seen in RenderDoc. 

Pay attention to the lines after 65537, which are all zeros in CompressedASTC_CS_Error which runs on mali arm.

All needed Files In Mali_CS (Include RenderDoc & All Files Aboved)

Is computeshader(mali) bug ?

Pls, Help me!