about mali half hardware standard

I find this in wiki en.wikipedia.org/.../Half-precision_floating-point_format

"ARM alternative half-precision[edit]

ARM processors support (via a floating point control register bit) an "alternative half-precision" format, which does away with the special case for an exponent value of 31 (111112).[9] It is almost identical to the IEEE format, but there is no encoding for infinity or NaNs; instead, an exponent of 31 encodes normalized numbers in the range 65536 to 131008.


I want  to know that this arm alternative half precision standard also true for mali GPU.More specificlly, does mali gpu half precision have inf and NaN encoded or not.Cause I found in mali G76 GPU where a shader program encounter half precision problem and was suppose to get NaN eventually(the render texture i use is rgba half format),but instead the out put is not NaN.

I will be really greatful if anybody can help.