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Debug RME feature on FVP_Base_RevC-2xAEMvA_11.19_14


I am about to debug RME feature with ARM DS on FVP_Base_RevC-2xAEMvA_11.19_14  platform. I am using the Trusted Firmware with RME extension based on this description My observation is running plainly the model, everything looks ok, the VFP can run the SW without any problem. (I can see the consol windows with normal booting procedure)

In case I would like to set up the ARM debugger in ARM DS, the simulation immediately stops after start with a popup window: "Unable to connect to device ARMAEM-a_MP_0 Error opening connection to device 16 Socket is closed(E_io_error) Socket is closed"

Apparently my Debug settings are good: With the same settings I can run/debug the complete ARM Reference Solution (Linux, u-boot, TrustedFirmware) based on this description: but if I add additional flags for FVP: (-C cluster0.rme_support_level=2 -C cluster1.rme_support_level=2) I still can run the model, but cannot debug so when I activate the RME feature the ARM debugger do the previously mentioned behavior (stops right after start)

How I can workaround this? What is the most efficient way to debug FVP with RME support. Any help is welcome here.