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how can the gic600AE set interrupt router relationship by affility when the corresponded cores in DSU(such as A78AE) under lock step mode

I was building  an interrupt system with GIC600AE for A78AE cpu, and i met a question that if i set the  A78 cores in locked step mode, its affility attribute would changed, for example ,a cluster with four cores, and its aff1 was 0, 1, 2, 3 in split mode, and it will be changd to 0, 1 for core pair 0(core0, core1) and pair1(core2, core3) when dsu in locked step mode, As we knows the GICR register page number in GIC600AE was depending on the physical cores number.   My question was that if make the corresponded dsu in lock step mode, how can i use the gicr register page , and how can i make the intterrupt router to specific core by core's affility.  i had a try to use the changed affility attribute of locked cores to set interrupt ,but it looks like make int routing to a wrong core。