Loads debug information into the debugger

Hi everyone:

  I am using scatter file to debug the relocated Cortex-M7 project named debug_m7, and the scatter file example  as follows:

# define APP_FLASH_BASE                            0x10000000

# define APP_RAM_BASE                                0xA0000000 

# define APP_RELOCATE_CODE_BASE           0xC0000000 

# define APP_RELOCATE_DATA_BASE           0xC1000000 


 startup.o (StartUp, +FIRST)
 sys_entry.o (StartUp,+DATA) 


* (+RO)
;zero init data section
 * (+RW,+ZI)


After buid I got a  debug_m7.axf, I load the binary of the project to  SDRAM with base address APP_RELOCATE_CODE_BASE for code and with base address APP_RELOCATE_DATA_BASE for data .

Finally, I relocated the code and data by modifying the global offset table and region table, as well as the _ scatterload_copy and _ scatterload_zeroinit, but I was unable to relocate the debugging symbols.

My question is:how can I load debug information into the debugger with diffrent offset for each load region  use debugger command add-symbol-file or symbol-file?