• Optimizing Unity Games for Mobile Platforms

    During the last days of August 2013 I was in the wonderful city of Vancouver, Canada, to attend Unite 2013, one of the biggest events dedicated to Unity, the market-leading platform for creating high-quality video games and other interactive 3D content…

  • RE: MGD - Galaxy S6 - No end of frame detected - Unity

    Hi newcomma,

    Do you know if it's possible in Unity to register a callback when unity finishes rendering a frame? If so it might be possible to call eglSwapBuffers manually.



  • [VIDEO] Learn how to create 2D and 3D games using the Unity platform

    At ARM® TechCon Developer Summit the ARM Mali team were joined on the Wednesday (Gaming Day) by Carl Callewart of Unity3D. Carl gave a great demonstration of how easy it is to build a simple 2D game on the Unity platform:

    Unity and…

  • RE: Unity apk crashes on start with Vulkan interceptor


    I have a trouble with profiling my Unity project. (latest Unity 2019.2.12)

    I'm failed to use Graphics Analyzer from latest Arm Mobile Studio to profile Vulkan-based Unity application. I have just create empty test scene, add Vulkan…

  • Comment on Update: Indoor Real-Time Navigation with SLAM on Your Mobile

    Dude, can you please tell me how you were able to do this successfully. Because i am not getting any errors in unity, and apk is building, still the app crashes after the unity logo.


  • Comment on Update: Indoor Real-Time Navigation with SLAM on Your Mobile

    Hi... This was a good project to start with Slam and ARcore. I am trying to build a project by following your steps.

    But when the App opens in Pixel, it displays the splash screen of unity and crashes. Please suggest me the solution to resolve this problem…

  • RE: Mali Graphics Debugger: Not getting trace data in GUI

    Thanks for the steps! We get a lot of people asking about MGD + Unity, so I'll raise this with the team and see if we can add some Unity specific steps to our documentation.

    As for the VR support, I believe the team are aware of the problem, and we…

  • Streamline 2020.0 annotations in Unity

    Hi guys,

    I just had a go at using Streamline annotations in Unity but for some reason I'm not able to see anything. I'm not entirely sure if I should toggle something I haven't seen or if the version of Streamline I'm using (2020.0) isn't somehow…

  • Connecting Unity app to Streamline

    I'm trying to profile an app developed in Unity with Streamline. I followed the instruction for setting up the package here to make it debuggable, but I still get this from the terminal:

    "run-as: package not debuggable: com.srm.streamlinelab…