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The Arm Research Summit is just around the corner, taking place between 17-19 September in Cambridge, UK. The event brings together academics, researchers and industry experts to discuss and debate the latest research findings and technology trends across all areas of computing.

Registration is now closed, however we are pleased to announce that we will be live streaming the whole event via YouTube, so you won't miss a thing! During the event, you'll be able to watch talks, panels and workshops with speakers from around the world sharing their findings and ideas, around the theme 'Creating a Connected World'.

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With such a wide range of content, there's something to suit all interests across the three days of the Summit. We've highlighted some sessions below that we think you'll enjoy, but please do explore the full agenda for more information.

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Day One

9:00 BST: Keynotes from Mike Muller and Haiyan Zhang
Mike Muller, Arm CTO, will be opening the event, and his keynote; 'What's Next', will discuss the slowing of Moore’s law and why it’s a great opportunity for innovation, crime on the web, the growing importance of data and the security of his own home.

He'll be closely followed by Haiyan Zhang of Microsoft Research, whose work focuses on developing technology which can transform people's lives for the better. She'll be discussing empathy and insight in new technology thinking, and the importance of these when working across technologies to craft better experiences.

11:00 BST: GoingArm Workshop
GoingArm is all about sharing experiences and knowledge. Experienced scientific application programmers will share their first-hand knowledge of writing for the Arm platform, including topics such as: optimizing for 64-bit Arm, memory systems, scalability and vectorization.

17:30 BST: Fellows Panel
In Arm, the title of Fellow is awarded in recognition of, and an expectation of future, technical excellence and contribution to Arm’s success. In this lively session, the Fellows will discuss and debate their opinions on areas of disruption and grand challenges facing the technology space, industry and world at large. 

Day Two

09:00 BST: Arm Research Plenary
Find out about current projects, collaborations and future research directions in this overview of Arm Research, led by Arm Fellow Stuart Biles.

09:45 BST: Accessing Arm IP for Education and Research
Did you know a wide range of Arm IP is freely available for education and research purposes? Hear how organisations around the world are successfully using Arm IP, and find out how you can access IP to help you in your academic and research endeavours. 

14:00 BST: Mont-Blanc Workshop
Since 2011, the Mont-Blanc project has been a pioneer in exploring and promoting the use of Arm-based chips for HPC computing. The third phase, started in October 2015 and ending by end of 2018, aims to co-design a new high-end HPC platform, and prepare its market adoption

Day Three

09:00 BST: Yungang Bao Keynote
Yungang will present the case for a new, labeled computer architecture, as a solution  to conventional computer architecture quality-of-service and security challenges. Labeled von Neumann Architecture (LvNA) enables a new hardware/software interface by introducing a hardware labeling mechanism to convey software’s semantic information such as QoS and security to the underlying hardware.

11:45 BST: Security and Society Panel
This panel, comprised of industry and academic experts, will explore the role that security plays in society, covering questions like: should governments mandate some level of product security (and how)? Is technology value-neutral? What else do we need to do to increase trust in computerised systems in society?

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