Cypress' Miho Nagahama wins prestigious TOPPERS Idea Application Development Contest

[re-printed from psoc creator news and information]

Congratulations to my colleague Nagahama-san for winning this prestigious award at Japan's Embedded Technology 2016 show in Yokohama.

 PSoC 5LP-driven Rapiro robot

The competition is in its sixth year and challenges competitors to create control applications using the TOPPERS application interface. TOPPERS Toyohashi OPen Platform for Embedded Real-time Systems)is an open source software package, based on the technical development of ITRON, which aims to provide a software development base for use in all kinds of embedded systems.

Nagahama-san based her entry on the Rapiro robot kit - with some added bling to attract attention.



Unmodified Rapiro robot

PSoC robot with a little Bling!

OK, that's quite a lit of bling!

She didn't like the way it performed so she replaced the main board with a PSoC 5LP board running TOPPERS and her control software and wrote a simple game to show it all working together. The new application plays a game called "Point this way", which compares the user's hand movements with a random sequence of robot movements. If the movements match the robot wins, and cheers, and if not, it cries!

The PSoC handles the interfaces to the gesture sensor plus the audio amplifier and the 8x8 LED matrix boards that form the robot's eyes. It also controls the head and eye movements, ensuring that the movements are smooth and controlled.

PSoC 5LP board in the Rapiro

The TOPPERS platform is particularly popular in Japan and it has been running on PSoC since 2013. We are very proud of Nagahama-san's success in this competition and we're sending her more ideas for next year!