Showcasing network slicing technology for 5G RAN at Arm TechCon 2018

KDDI Research will exhibit its latest research result at the Arm booth, #525, of Arm TechCon 2018, which will take place in San Jose Convention Center, USA from October 16-18, 2018.

An overview of what you can see on Arm’s booth

The 5G system will provide a wide variety of services with different quality requirements, such as IoT services, ultra-high-speed communications and ultra-low-latency services, and operators are facing the challenges to meet all the requirements simultaneously in an effective manner. To achieve a high flexibility and a large scalability in 5G, radio access network (RAN), controlling virtualized base station functions implemented as software on general purpose processors are being discussed.

KDDI Research has developed virtualized base station based on Arm servers using open source software and succeeded in demonstrating network slicing technology to build the optimal network slices in response to various services’ requirements.

Arm platforms with large number of cores per chip achieves fine-grained resource allocation for virtualized base station functions. In addition, its feature of low power consumption will have large impact when large numbers of base stations should be deployed for installing 5G areas with wide coverage.

The demonstration system consists of two types of slices according to two services, sensor device communication for IoT service (slice 1) and video streaming transmission for a broadband service (slice 2). You can see that both slices are being operated without mutual interference.

KDDI slicing technology

The slicing technology will be helpful to satisfy a wide range of quality requirement from various types of services that are expected in the 5G era, and we are conducting a further feasibility study toward commercialization.

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