• Android


    Android is a robust software stack that includes an operating system, middleware and select applications. If you are developing Android apps or devices for mobile phones, tablets, etc., here is where you'll find the latest Arm technology.
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  • Arm Development Platforms

    Arm Development Platforms

    This community is to support Arm reference software stacks for the following platforms
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  • Arm Research

    Arm Research

    Explore the latest news, events and research findings from Arm Research and our partners. Discover resources and information that might enhance your own research.
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  • Community Help

    Community Help

    New to Arm Community? Start here to learn how to get the most out of it. Learn about Community enhancements, share ideas and ask questions.
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  • Company


    Arm's Newsroom keeping you in touch with all the Arm buzz. Here you can follow the latest Arm news and discuss what's on your mind with Arm Marketing and Product Managers.
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  • Graphics & Multimedia

    Graphics & Multimedia

    The Graphics & Multimedia community is a place where members are free to ask each other questions, collaborate on projects and discuss the latest Mali tools, drivers and development platforms.
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  • Innovation


    The Arm ecosystem consists of a vast number of talented individuals building solutions in every imaginable domain. Our Innovators are key technical experts helping to extend Arm architecture and share their knowledge into a wide variety of exciting areas.
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  • Internet of Things

    Internet of Things

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is the collection of billions of end devices, from the tiniest of ultra-efficient connected end nodes to a high-performance gateway or cloud platform, intelligently connected and interoperating with servers and services.
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  • Processors


    Users of Arm processors can be all over the planet, and now they have a place to come together. The processors community is the place to be all things processor-related.
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  • SoC Design

    SoC Design

    The SoC Design community is the place to be when planning or designing your SoC. Here, we discuss design and implementation, Artisan or other physical IP, manufacturing processes and technology challenges.
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  • Software Tools

    Software Tools

    The Arm tools range offers two software development families that provide you with all the necessary tools for every stage of your software development workflow.
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  • 中文社区


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