Arm Education’s mission is “To help educators and students harness Arm and Partners’ state-of-the-art technologies, to learn, innovate and engage effectively in the modern economy’

Its vision is to play a leading role in plugging the education and skills gap in computing and STEM by working with academic, education and industry partners to support technology innovation and through talent development.

The Education hub is a contributed and collaborative blog (and forum) that helps to fulfil this mission by providing a platform for thought leadership, discussion, debate and opinion in Computing, STEM education and Publishing.  The Arm Education Hub helps academics, teachers, professionals, librarians and others in the education and technology sectors to:

  • Learn best practices in computer engineering education and training
  • Discover how technology is being used in teaching and learning
  • Keep abreast of up-to-date on developments in computing, STEM Education, publishing and beyond
  • Engage in a community of thought leaders and opinion makers in the above area
  • Access a broad overview of Arm and ecosystem technologies and learn about the difference it has made to people's lives

Opinions expressed on The Education Hub are those of the authors (or those making comments), and are not necessarily those of Arm Education. Content submitted to the Education Hub is subject to the Arm Community's Terms of Use.