Trouble when booting the SoC from internal RAM - the memory always reset


I have some issues when booting our SOC based on a Cortex M3, with Internal RAM starting @0x10000000

there's no internal ROM, and no internal Flash.

I'm using Keil, uVision version 5.3.3, with 2 methods.

1. Using the configuration without the optionsfor Target Debug --> Initialization File option

with this method, the log file shows that the debugger loads the application code to the RAM, but when reading back, the returned values are 00000001, at all the RAM range.

2. Using the configuration with the options for Target Debug --> Initialization File option and use lhe Debug_RAM.ini file

=======================  Debug_RAM.ini file ======================

FUNC void Setup (void) {
    SP = _RDWORD(0x10000000);             // Setup Stack Pointer
  PC = _RDWORD(0x10000004);             // Setup Program Counter
  XPSR = 0x01000000;                    // Set Thumb bit
  _WDWORD(0xE000ED08, 0x10000000);      // Setup Vector Table Offset Register


LOAD %L CLEAR INCREMENTAL               //0x10000000                    // Download to RAM


g, main


Step 1: if I remove the last command "g, main", I can see the application code in the target memory region

Step 2: as soon as I run the last command "g, main", the  target memory region is reset to the values 00000001, 

I have tested with different "connect & Reset Options" and the behaviour is the same.

Have you seen this kind of behaviour in your experiences ? have you an idea ?



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