Output hex file size increased while compiling the same code in 5.33 from 4.54

Hi All,

I am trying to generate the hex file in Keil 5.33 for one of our existing code which was developed in Keil 4.54 version for the same target. 

I am getting the following error while building 

Error: L6406E: No space in execution regions with .ANY selector matching anon$$obj.o(Region$$Table).
Error: L6407E: Sections of aggregate size 0x778 bytes could not fit into .ANY selector(s).
Not enough information to list load addresses in the image map.
Finished: 1 information, 0 warning and 127 error messages.

From the above I can understand that there is a shortage in available memory which we need to either change the target with higher capacity or reduce the part from code.

But I don't have the idea why there is a difference when the code remains same. May be it is a basic question, still it will be helpful for me to understand if anyone can provide some information or share your views.


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