How to change selected device on JTag in Keil 5.30

I have two STM32G31 Nucleo boards daisy chained together on a JTag link. Using Segger JLink command line I can connect and see all four devices (each MCU has two jtag devices). I can also use the command to select which device to choose then halt and run that device.

Now in Keil 5.30 and 5.31 when I launch the debugger (it is setup to use JLINK) It reports 4 devices, as expected.

My problem is I cannot change the selected device to debug. In the debug setup window I can see the four devices and the two that can be selected have a checkbox. I can change the selected checkbox but when I launch the debugger it always chooses device #0. I can't get it to choose device #3.

Any help is approeciated.



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