Embedded Web server over LPC178

I  want to develop Web page over LPC1788. So I am using Keil RTOS2 RTX5.I created two projects. One project as a just simple TCP socket server. In which I used functions mentioned below to create socket. Also I am able to create multiple socket using the same.

netInitialize ();

tcp_socket_one = netTCP_GetSocket (tcp_cb_server);
netTCP_Connect (tcp_socket_one, &addr, 0);

In 2nd project I selected "Web server Compact" option from Manage Run Time Environment window. Manage Run Time Environment ----> Network ----> Services -----> "Web server Compact". Tnen I added HTTP_Server_CGI.c file from user code templet in to the source group of my project.

In this I am able to create web page and able to see the web page in browser as well. I just enter the IP address of the device in the browser and Web page is getting displayed in the browser. So that is working as expected.

But in this project I am not able to create 2nd connection. I want to open multiple connections.

E.g. connection-1 = & port 2000 (connection with hyperterminal / any other network tool) 

        Connection-2 = & port 80    (Web page in browser)

I tried using socket creation function used as in project-1

tcp_socket_one = netTCP_GetSocket (tcp_cb_server);
netTCP_Connect (tcp_socket_one, &addr, 0);

But these function are non effective in this project.

So please guide to create multiple socket (at least 2) one for Web page and 2nd for other application .

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