Would like to set up a project for Assembly Files and C in Keil uVision 4

...but every where else i go to learn this seems to give incompatible answers.

This is my first question in this forum which i hope will be better

I am hoping i can maybe trouble shoot until i can get an Assembly code project set up.

For example in ONE tutorial, after he starts a new project, and selects his microcontroller, TM4C1230H6PM

(I am using TMC123G which isn’t on the menu, without a buncha stuff after the G) 

But after he picks his MCU , he goes straight into a “Manage run time window” 

but for ME a dialogue box pops ip asking if i want to copy startup_TM4C123 to project folder

and add file to a project? 

(Since the tutorial didnt have that dialog box, i just assumed yes)

Then later he says i can click on the little green diamnd to open that window, except it is greyed out for me.

No one answering questions there, either.

So thats about as far as i go in that go tutorial, so i try a different one, and he is using ATmel MCU, and 

gets the same dialog box as me, so i figure it’s progress, except instead YES, he says No.

Ok, well, I guess then

Says he has to make a Hex file first? 

Really? What do I need that for? 

Never saw it any of the other projects in my course. 

anyways, I am learning Assembly and already know some C through non KEIL compilers, and am taking an Embedded systems course except that we

only really touched on assembly, and then moved forward with C.

But I’m not satisfied with that right now,  because I just don’t feel that it is worth learning assembly if i can’t set up

a project to start coding assembly files , so really I am just hoping somebody could help me, or at least point me toward setting up  an assembly  project or an ‘assembly and C’ project in KEIL for a TM4C123G, 

Thank you. 

  • Andy Neil Yes and no. It’s an EDX course. Online MOOC. Since the course is moving forward with C, and I am wanting more practice with Assembly, I am seeking other resources to learn it, and so I want to keep my questions fir the course I am in course related. The reason I am using 4 is because the course teaches it in 4. The lesson videos are a couple years old. 

    Anyways, I was eventually able to piecemeal a solution together. The instructor who answers questions there was also helpful so far in some areas.  

    I just didn’t want to keep burdening him with non-course-related questions since the course is branching away from assembly while i still want  a better practical grasp of it. 

    But thanks for the resources.

    It’s always useful to have several references.

    Thanks again. 

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