LogicTile 20MG SMM-A57 bring up with ARM Versatile Express


Today I received my Arm versatile express board, which has only LogicTile 20MG (no other board) on it on Daughter board  2 section. I have no idea how to bring it up.


my questions are,

1) is there a tutorial out there which does the bring up?\

2) I believe my only option is to use SMM-A57

     - Where do I download the bit file to flash onto LogicTile?

     - How do I flash it?

3)  Are there any bare metal applications on it?

4) How can I boot linux on it?

    - How to prepare the Filesystem?  Where to download it?

    - Which Linux Kernel? Where to download it?

    - Bootloader? Which One? UBoot? - where to download it?

    - Do I prepare an SD Card or do a ethernet boot?


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