Problem creating target

Dear Keil Team, I am trying to build the target with the simulator, but I found the following issue: Build target 'Simulator' linking... BL51 BANKED LINKER/LOCATER V6.22.2.0 - SN: Eval Version COPYRIGHT ARM Germany GmbH 1987 - 2017 RAMSIZE(256) DISABLEWARNING (16) CODE( ?PR?UPGRADE?MSCBMAIN (0x7000) ) *** ERROR L107: ADDRESS SPACE OVERFLOW SPACE: DATA SEGMENT: ?DT?SCS_3000 LENGTH: 0003H *** FATAL ERROR L250: CODE SIZE LIMIT IN RESTRICTED VERSION EXCEEDED MODULE: .\mscbutil.obj (-----) LIMIT: 0800H BYTES Target not created. I have a Flex License from the institutions in which I work. Do I need a different license?

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