SSP peripheral on LPC2478


This is not a Keil specific question - my apologies for that, but I'd like to know whether you encountered problems related to program stability when using SSP0/1 peripherals (in SPI mode) of the LPC2478? I have a nearly finished product here that uses that peripheral to deliver data on a trace of a few centimeters at moderate baudrates (slowing down does not seem to help, and either way it is not an option). What I see are occasional programs failures that occur while such a transfer is in progress; I do not know exactly what the source is, but it always happens while a transfer is busy, and the link register makes no sense (or, if it does, it points to the idle task of my OS. Obviously, something went wrong before context switch). A built-in trace I wrote makes no sense either (it details interrupts, context switches etc.). I even created a special revision of the software that does nothing but such transfers and it indeed dies after 50 attempts on the average. Do you have any suggestions, recommendations etc.?

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