eeprom simulation problem

The simulator cant access the initial values I've inserted in the eeprom
In order to put the initial values I used the DB directive as bellow

cseg at 2001h
Senha1_1 :dB 1 ,2 ,3 ,4
Senha2_5 :DB 0bh,0bh,0bh,0bh

I put in the addres 2001h because I'm aware that my programmer put in the beginning of the eeprom the values that is in an adress higher than the max adress of the flash of the device that it is programming ( In my case the 89s8252)
to read the values I used:

mov dph,#00
mov dpl,#01
orl WMCON, #EEMEN ; enable EEPROM
movx a, @dptr ; read EEPROM
xrl WMCON, #EEMEN ; disable EEPROM

seems me that that simulator doesnt know that the values I put in the eddress 2001h will be written in the adress 1h of the eeprom.
What can I do to put initial values in the eeprom and the compiler/ simulator to know where it is?

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