MIMXRT1050 External RAM Testing and Code Execution Help


I am using the MIMXRT1050-EVK Board which uses the ARM-Cortex M7 processor on Keilv5 Professional version. I am trying to create a ram test and then move code from the flash to external ram for execution. I am using the MDK Hello World example as a base for my project. I have tried to run a simple RAM test by copying over data to an external RAM address and reading it, but the program just hangs. My questions are:

1. What do I need to do in the flash settings to use the external RAM?

2. Do I need to edit the startup file to use external RAM?

3. Are there any external RAM testing example projects using the same board?

4. How can I move code from the flash to external RAM for execution?

5. I have tried to assign a source file to the RAM space using the Memory Assignment in the file properties, but the code still runs in flash. How can I assign code to be saved and executed from external ram using the memory assignment settings?

I have tried to follow other examples of external RAM tests but have not gotten anything to work. Any help is appreciated.


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