Required to load external flash every time?

Hello all I'm currently using TouchGFX (Graphical UI Tool) on a Cortex-M7 (STM32769I-EVAL). The code is compiled using Keil µVision V5.27.1.0. I have around 16MB static data (images, videos etc.) saved on the NOR-flash which is connected by QSPI to the CPU. Keil supplies a driver for the MT25QL512 NOR flash thus downloading the firmware and the images is no problem. How ever the whole process takes about 5 minutes. The external flash is updated every time I'm starting a debug session, even when I don't make any changes to the external assets. Thus, debugging the code is quit time consuming. To skip programming the external flash every time, I removed the flash programming algorithm for the external Flash (Debugger Settings / Flash Download). After that only the internal flash is handled. It produces a lot of warning messages "not all contents will be flashed", but it is still much more tolerable than having to wait. Means flashing the target goes very quick, taking just a few seconds. How ever "Loading Object Code" still takes a lot of time (around one minute). I assume the object code for the external flash is still loaded every time I'm starting a debug session. Does anybody know a solution to skip loading the object code for the external flash? Probably by manipulating the AXF file? I tested it using J-Link and ST-Link, the behavior is identical. I would appreciate any help. Heinz

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