A51 Source Code Containing MPL

Hi, I am currently running Nohau EMUL51-PC emulator with Seahau Software (Version 4.0422A). All the programming modules were written previously in the 8051 assembly language. My problem comes after I added a few macros to the code using Macro Processing Language (MPL). The emulator's source window cannot display correct assembly source code, i.e., the line numbers do not match the real source code line numbers. It seems to me that the only way to get out of this trouble is to stop using MPL or work in the disassembled mode in the source window, which does not contain all the symbols. Has any of you experienced the same problem or have I done anything wrong? Thanks.

P.S. I asked this problem to Nohau's tech-support group, they suggested me to contact Keil first or email them all the files, but I thought the best way is to ask you guys out there, who are more enthusiastic than those tech-supports.

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