Startup file uvision v5.26

I got a project folder for STM32f3 Discovery board (I dont know in which IDE is written), the folder consists of the following subfolders (CMSIS, FreeRTOS, Inc, Src, STM32F30x_StdPeriph_Driver).

I can import the project into a new project in uvision v5.26, but I get errors with linking. (error: L6236E: No section matches selector - no section to be FIRST/LAST.)

I think the error is related to missing the startup file.

When I try to include the the startup file from the old project (startup_stm32f30x.S), then I get syntax errors (incompatible version)!

My question is: how can I generate a new (or maybe get a ready copy) of the startup file?

Or maybe migrate the output file from the old project into a new version compatible to uvision v5.26

Thanks in advance

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  • I could find a startup file from another project and added it to my project, I get several error messages by the linker:

    Error: L6218E: Undefined symbol GPIO_ResetBits (referred from l3gd20_lib_spi.o).

    Despite the files stm32f30x_gpio.h/c are existing and included and their paths also included!!