DS-5 ignores dependencies for assembly files.

Currently, DS-5 automatically generates makefile dependency files (*.d files) for C source files. I would also like it do the same for assembly (*.s/.S) files. I've actually figured out how to make DS-5 generate the dependency files for assembly files (by adding the '-MD' switch in the command via project build properties), however, the dependency files aren't being included by the other automatically generated makefiles, specifically "subdir.mk". How can I have DS-5 add the dependency files to subdir.mk?

The reason my assembly files have dependencies is that they are #include'ing another file that contains assembly macros. Right now, whenever I update the macro file, the assembly files that include it do not get rebuilt. What makes things worse is that I can't just rebuild individual files, so the entire project needs to be rebuilt whenever I modify that one macro file.

I am using Arm Compiler 6.

Thank you!

  • I've found a workaround: after having DS-5 generate the dependency files, turn off auto-generation of makefiles, and then add the dependency files to subdir.mk manually. If auto-generation stays on, then DS-5 will keep overriding subdir.mk every time after you modify it.

    I still want to know of a solution where I can keep auto-generation on, and don't have to modify the subdir.mk file manually.

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