Access a flash region like an array, without writing data to it during programing

Dear experts, 

This is a generic question on MCU and/or GNU linker. 

I have a 64KB flash region, that is being pre-programmed in factory. Now, I have a requirement to use that region in my program,.
In brief: 

  1. I would like to access this flash region of 64KB like an array[], instead of using the flash_read() API's. 
  2. I would like to ensure my firmware size is not increased by large extent such as 64KB. That means, preprogrammed data on the flash to remain in the fixed offset and I would like to simply use a pointer/array to point to it.
  3. Best thing I would like to do is, achieve this with help of linker script, if possible

Is their any linker trick to access the flash in the above said manner ?


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