ARM Linker warning L6776W

I am using the ARM clang tool chain version 6.10.1.

The linker is showing the following warning:

Warning: L6776W: The debug frame in .debug_frame(CHostComm.o) does not describe an executable section.

I have no idea why this is coming or how to solve the problem. Do I need to change the command line parameters for the linker or change something in my code?

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  • Hi,

    Thank you for the feedback. I have been able to reproduce this issue and it will be resolved in a future release. As this is a warning, can you continue your project until we resolve the issue in the next release cycle?

    This is benign warning which the arm linker emits as it finds debug info which has references to an "invalid group" section. This generally happens when you code using C++ templates, the armclang organizes the code for each template iinto different groups but doesn't put the respective debug info in the same group. So if one group gets removed it leaves behind the debug info which references code from an invalid group. armclang does not produce a separate .debug_frame section for each group and hence the linker issues this warning. 

    We are able to reproduce this scenario and it will be resolved in a future release. Since this is a warning, you can suppress it by passing "--diag_suppress L6776W" as a linker flag which will allow you to continue with your project.

    Let me know if you are still having problems.